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SEO Linking Strategies for Product Wholesalers

How to Get More People to Your Product Website with SEO Linking Strategies.


Everyone wants their website to have a higher ranking on Google or other search engines. Everyone knows they can affect their rankings through search engine optimization (SEO). Everyone knows that keywords are how people find their website.

But does everyone know about linking?

Google’s rankings are based on the idea of how relevant a website is to someone’s search. Part of that relevance is based on how closely linked a website is with other websites.

It’s the same idea as social status - how important a person is in a community is based, in part, on who they hang around. Google treats web sites the same way: the more incoming quality links there are to your website, and the more important the websites doing the linking are, the more important your page will be perceived.

An ‘incoming’ link is a link from their website to yours. An ‘outgoing’ link is a link from your website to theirs. Only incoming links matter; actually, only quality incoming links matter.

There’s no way to cheat the system. You can’t create a number of different websites and link them all to each other because they all have zero relevance to begin with. You can’t create a website and then link to the most popular sites on the web; everyone can do that, so it doesn’t affect relevance. Only incoming links from higher-ranked websites really matter.

You can’t cheat, but you can influence.

Submit to site directories

You can ask business directories (sometimes free, sometimes paid) to list your business as a resource. Think of it like listing your number in a telephone directory. It won’t be a huge boost, but the more places like this linking to your website, the more relevance search engines will perceive you as having.

Request reciprocal links

Every wholesaler or wholesale affiliate has the same issue as you: they want their rankings to go up, too. Find sites in your industry or that somehow fit your business and ask for a link trade - you’ll link to their site if they’ll link to yours. Obviously, you both still have to build some traffic and relevance in other ways, but enough of these types of deals will influence your search results.

Write articles for others

Offer to write blog posts or newsletters for others under the condition that a link to your site be included. Fresh, relevant content is a factor in search rankings, so most sites are always looking for fresh (and free) contributors.

Issue press releases

A twist on the above suggestions is submitting information to business sites that automatically post submitted content, like a press release site. As far as search engines are concerned, these sites are linking to your site - even if you wrote the original content and they’re automatically posting it.

Again, these strategies probably won’t boost your wholesale site’s rankings tremendously, but the cumulative effect may boost your rankings long enough to get more traffic to your site. Just make sure when people get to your page that they’re not disappointed. There is no substitute for valuable content and an overall solid business model.

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