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Top Countries Exporting to the U.S.

Top Ten Countries Exporting to the U.S.


The list of the United States’ top ten countries to buy from is unsurprisingly similar to the list of the top ten countries it exports to. The more interesting thing is to understand what Americans are buying from its top partners. The data are based on the most recent available from the U.S. Census Bureau and other reliable sources.

1. China: $334 billion

China is, by far, the biggest exporter to the U.S. The biggest U.S. import from China - computers - is related to the biggest U.S. export to China - computer components. Much of U.S.-Chinese trade is related to the computer and electronic assembly industry.

2. Canada: $252 billion

The U.S. absorbs the vast majority of Canada’s exports. The largest single product purchased is crude oil, followed by finished automobiles.

3. Mexico: $210 billion

The primary exports to the U.S. from south of the border are manufactured/assembled goods, such as automobiles and computers, and crude oil.

4. Japan: $108 billion

Even with the dismal performance of the automotive industry, the United States’ primary import from Japan in 2010 was passenger vehicles.

5. Germany: $75 billion

Like Japan and Canada, Germany’s biggest export to the U.S. was passenger vehicles. Healthcare-related products were the second largest.

6. United Kingdom: $45 billion

The U.K.’s top sales to the U.S. were related to processed chemicals, including healthcare and aromatic products.

7. South Korea: $45 billion

Surprisingly, South Korea’s exports to the United States were only about $500 million less than the U.K.’s. Primary products exported include computer- and electronic-related goods.

8. France: $35 billion

While France didn’t make the top ten list of importers for U.S. products, it definitely makes this list. The French aviation industry comprised the country’s top exports to America.

9. Taiwan: $33 billion

Like South Korea - the other Asian Tiger on this list - Taiwan’s main export the United States was computer-related, such as consumer electronics.

10. Ireland: $30 billion

Barely edging out Venezuela for the number ten spot, Ireland sold the U.S. primarily machinery and machinery-related equipment.

With the rebound of the global economy, 2011 should be a great year for international trade. It will interesting to see what this list looks like after this year!

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