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Wholesale Glossary

Understand basic wholesale definitions and terms. Wholesale glossary definitions include drop shipping, importing and exporting, distribution, wholesaling, factory closeouts and more.

What is Wholesale?
Wholesale is the sale of goods, generally in large quantity, to a retailer for resale purposes.

Wholesale Glossary and Terms
Comprehensive list of wholesale definitions, detailed glossary and descriptive terms. Great resource to help you get started.

Wholesale Industry Glossary
Want to learn more about the wholesale product industry? Get access to this comprehensive PDF of wholesale industry terms.

What is Drop Shipping?
Drop Shipping is the process in which a retailer markets a product, collects payment from the customer and then orders the item from a supplier, to be shipped directly that customer

What is a Kiosk?
The term kiosk, as related to retailing, refers to a small stand-alone structure used as a point of purchase.

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